Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stardoll Sequins Opening!

OMG! Aren't you guys excitedd??!
You guys better come-- or elsee! Mwuahahahahaa!(:
There will be a best dress comp! 3 Best Dressed wins 10 sd :D

Annddd.. what a great graphic! I'm jealous of the persoonnn who did it! thehehee :P

xxo Chelsseeeeaaa

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I can't believe what I just saw... the most beautiful thing... evr!
Or not! hehehe :D

(The Stardoll Society) My graphics got in the "second round" and now the judges and everyone are deciding which one they want!

I'm like stressing out... I want this alot but good luck to everyone else who got in!

And thanks for everybody who voted and commented! :)

Wish me Luck!

xxo Chels

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stardoll Sequins' new Graphic designer,

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp!- I'm herr!
I'm supah excitedd! I already finished the header and some of the writers' banners.

I'm so happy I'm their graphic designer! :D
I'd like to thank the owner of Stardoll Sequins, MissLotsaSmiles :)

Do you like them? :)

xxo Chelsea :D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hiring Writers! :)

No-- I can't do this alone. I need your help. :)

I'm looking for writers. How many? lucky number 3.
What am I searching for? Active writers-- and I mean it. :)

Just fill this form and answer in comments. (Be creative. Don't steal other people's ideas.)
1) Name (dun't be scared... I dun't bite :P) :
2) Age:
3) Stardoll username:
4) Blogger name:
5)Why you are interested:
6) Why I should trust you:
7) Experience? Where:
8)Subject of post (Spoilers, events...) :

You need to be a follower in order to apply.
Time to apply until September the 24th.

Good Luck to everyone! :)
xoxo Chelsea


Will you believe me if I said that this cover and the entire look book is made only using paint? Of coarse you do. So much have already made graphics from paint and they were daa bomb! :)

But I have a feeling that Timeless Look Book will be.. BIG!
With the first "issue" coming out on the 4th--obviously..-, they said that it will be a bridal issue filled with great wedding gowns!

I'm supah excited! Who isn't? :D

xoxo Chels

Stardoll and their blogs... FOR SALE?!

Some blogs last but some don't.

It's hard to say that the Stardoll Freakshow is, yup, on sale.
The blog has more than 500 followers so whoever buys it will have a good start but, of coarse, it will not be the same.
Well, actually, I'm thinking of buying it myself... I just need to get in touch with Tyler first. hehe :)

BUT!, Is Jenna thinking about selling Stardoll's Most Wanted too? If so, that'll be terrible!


xoxo Chelsea


I know I said I wouldn't post spoilers and those stuff but i just I had to.. this time! :D

cause Starplaza is currently selling a: I heart justin bieber! :D
How amazing is thatt??! I'm supah excited! And it's only 2 sd!!

I'm for sure buying it! :D

A new set of IdentiTEE. :)

hehehee!! JB!

xoxo Chels