Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lipstick Magazine Released!

..and it's BEAUTIFUL! I read the whole mag and I thought it was genius! The graphics are so well done and the layouts were incredible!

Meet the team:
1. Miss_LolitaF
2. Filipinhamaria

1. Lizs

1. Vinnie99

Graphic designers:
1. Lizs
2. ForeverGorgeous

Make-up Artist:
1. Starcathie

1. Lizs
2. Vinnie99
3. Mosky-Magazine
4. Elite-girl

Ideas and Suggestions:
1. AbiiBabeh..x
(I got the list directly from their site)

GRR! It's lovely! I'm jealous.... ONCE AGAIN! :P

xoxo Chels

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