Monday, August 23, 2010

Hiring Writers! :)

No-- I can't do this alone. I need your help. :)

I'm looking for writers. How many? lucky number 3.
What am I searching for? Active writers-- and I mean it. :)

Just fill this form and answer in comments. (Be creative. Don't steal other people's ideas.)
1) Name (dun't be scared... I dun't bite :P) :
2) Age:
3) Stardoll username:
4) Blogger name:
5)Why you are interested:
6) Why I should trust you:
7) Experience? Where:
8)Subject of post (Spoilers, events...) :

You need to be a follower in order to apply.
Time to apply until September the 24th.

Good Luck to everyone! :)
xoxo Chelsea

1 comment:

  1. Name: Melissa
    Age: 13,5
    Stardoll name: sweety-Melissa4
    Blogger name: Melissa Linardou
    Why should interested you: Because this is my chance to be a writer for a very good blog!
    Why i should trust you: i play a lot of hours on stardoll! i know find free stuff,spoilers,how can a blog media partners..!
    Experience?Where: not yet! i hope this will be my first job!! :D
    Subject of posts: Spoilers,new shops,new dolls!
    thank you!